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About Us

Afimar is a small office with a team of 10 very experienced bi-lingual professionals. We opened in 1994, in the same offices in the centre of Fuengirola that we occupy today.

Paco Fernández Barrionuevo is a qualified Economista with 20 years of experience. He leads our accountancy and tax department. Luisa Carrillo Peláez, Ana María Medina Delgado, Carolina Ruíz Jiménez and Antonio Doblas González work with Paco, and they have between 10 and 20 years of experience each.

They offer advice and assistance with bookkeeping, VAT and taxes for businesses, self-employed and companies, as well as helping with taxes for individuals, residents and non-residents.

Ana Fernández Martínez is a qualified lawyer, specialising in payrolls and labour law, with 25 years of experience in the field. Her assistants are Juan Campos Gómez and Sandra-Jane O’Brien, who have 10 and 25 years of experience.

They help with staff contracts, payrolls and social security for employees. They also help with company formations, business registrations, licences and trademarks.

Mari Carmen Ortega Aparicio is our office manager, with 20 years of experience. She’s often the first point of contact on the phone or at the door, and she also runs our purchasing and our billings and collections.

Marimar Franco Carr is a dual UK-Spanish accountant, with 38 years of professional experience. She worked as an accountant in the UK, the Bahamas and Papua New Guinea, before coming to Spain in 1989.  Marimar is the founder and owner of Afimar.

Our team

Fiscal and Accounting Division.
  • Francisco Fernández Barrionuevo – Diplomado en ciencias empresariales, experto tributario y jefe de división
  • Luisa Carrillo Peláez – Técnico contable y tributario
  • Ana María Medina Delgado – Técnico contable y tributario
  • Antonio Doblas González – Técnico contable y tributario
  • Carolina Ruiz Jiménez – Técnico contable y tributario
Labor Division, Human Resources and Commercial.
  • Ana Fernández – Letrada y jefa del departamento
  • Juan Campos Gómez – Técnico laboralista, nóminas, contratos, altas/bajas
  • Sandra Jane O´Brien – Auxiliar laboralista, trámites, no residentes

Management and administration.

  • Maria del Mar Franco Carr – Socia fundadora, asesora de empresas anglo-españolas
  • Mª Carmen Ortega Aparicio – Administración, recepción, facturación y cobros