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We offer the full range of accountancy services to businesses, both self-employed (‘Autónomo’) and companies (‘Sociedades’), including:

Explaining the Spanish tax system for new entrepreneurs. This includes VAT (‘IVA’), profits tax (‘Renta’ for self-employed, ‘Sociedades’ for companies), payroll taxes and other withholding taxes, for example on professional services and commercial rents (‘Retenciones’).

Preparing your books in accordance with Spanish law and helping clients who wish to do their own bookkeeping (although the latter is traditionally quite rare, because of the language and the complexities).

Helping businesses to comply with all of the necessary tax returns, which can be monthly, quarterly and annual, including preparing and presenting the tax forms for you. These include, amongst others, Forms 303, 347, 349 and 390 (VAT); Forms 111 and 190 (PAYE staff and withholding tax professionals); Forms 115 and 180 (Withholding tax rents); Forms 200 and 202 (Company tax); and Forms 100 and 130 (Income tax).

Ongoing help and advice on changes to tax law and how to comply with tax law, tax planning and how to reduce your tax bills.

Applying for tax refunds when appropriate and applying for instalment plans to pay your taxes when necessary. Dealing with tax inspections and tax tribunals.

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