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New Businesses

We offer advice and assistance with all of the formalities of setting up a new business.

We can guide you on the best structure for your new business, as self-employed (‘Autónomo’) or as a company (‘Sociedad’): which structure is appropriate for your situation, and which will be cheaper to start and to run.

We help with forming companies (‘Constitución de sociedades’), including obtaining electronic signatures (‘DEH’), and with registering companies and self-employed with the tax and national insurance authorities (‘altas en Hacienda y la Seguridad Social’). We also help with changes to companies and buying and selling them, as well as de-registrations (‘bajas’) and liquidations (‘disoluciones’) when the business is finished.

We can also offer help and guidance with other admin matters such as opening licences for premises, tourism licenses and trademarks. It’s important that your lawyer checks the suitability of any premises before you sign a lease or purchase, to be sure you can use them for the business you have in mind. You may also need to consider requirements such as registrations for estate agencies, or the application of new data protection (‘Protección de datos’) and anti-money-laundering (‘Blanqueo de capitales’) laws.

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