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We help businesses with all aspects of payrolls and employment law.

We can register new employers with the Social Security authorities and explain how Spanish employment law works for each type of business and how payroll taxes (‘Retenciones’) and National Insurance (‘Seguridad Social’) are calculated.

We offer guidance and recommendations on additional requirements for employers on matters such as Health & Safety, Employers’ Insurance and staff licences for food-handling, for example.

We advise on, and prepare for clients, the contracts for their workers (‘Contratos’), monthly payrolls (‘Nóminas’) and NI submissions (‘Seguridad Social’), employee PAYE forms (‘Retenciones’), calculating sick pay and redundancy (‘bajas’), and we can assist you in the event of unfair dismissal claims.

We provide ongoing back-up to help minimise payroll costs, update employers on changes to legislation and answer questions about workers’ rights such as holiday entitlements and sick pay; part-time work; temporary and permanent contracts; maternity and paternity leave; overtime and bank holiday working (‘horas extras y festivos’); and so on.

You can contact us on

+34 952 58 16 06

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